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Wounded Warrior Project
Average Temperature:
Annual: 41.47 °F 5.26 °C
Winter (Dec-Feb): 18.65 °F -7.42 °C
Spring (Mar-May): 38.68 °F 3.71 °C
Summer (Jun-Aug): 64.06 °F 17.81 °C
Fall (Sep-Nov): 45.03 °F 7.24 °C
Average Precipitation:
Annual: 41.68"
Winter (Dec-Mar): 9.53"
Spring (Mar-May): 10.28"
Summer (Jun-Aug): 10.19"
Fall (Sep-Nov): 11.52"
State Facts
Capital City: Augusta
Time Zone: Eastern
Postal Abbreviation: ME
Electoral Votes: 4
State Flower: White Pine Cone & Tassel
State Bird: Chickadee
State Gemstone: n/a
State Tree: Eastern White Pine
State Motto: I direct

State Quarter
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